Completed Projects – 85 and counting

Finally managed to compile a list of past projects that I’ve worked on since 1998. Doing this made me realise that 2005 was a really busy year (39 projects/customers) and probably also why it felt like I was working 24 hours a day!

2006 with 20 projects and 2007 (7 projects as of Feb’07) seems like just the right amount. This year should be pretty interesting since I’m managing a small development team of 4 (German, Vietnamese, Singaporeans). Feels quite like a multinational company (super-micro level) at times.

There’s still a couple more things to do for the site, like adding in a few major projects that I’ve handled that would require a bit of write-up and getting screenshots of all the projects (30% complete). Hope to get this done before the end of March.


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