Application Virtualization with Microsoft SoftGrid (MSDN Connections 29th March 2007)

Attended last night’s Microsoft MSDN Connection and was rather amazed at the last session when Joeie Oon started his demo of application virtualization using SoftGrid. I’ve been using Virtual PC for most of development work as it helps especially with testing and development scenarios. But I think SoftGrid as a deployment solution for software that we develop could be pretty interesting? No more complaints about incompatibilities with different components etc since the applications are isolated. Also, licensing issues could be resolved since access seems tied to Active Directory. Very cool demo! Apparently the server is free? and each client agent at a fixed price.

Catch more from these links:



Chewy also did a quick demo of Windows Home Server which reminded me I’ll need to burn the copy of Windows Home Server sitting in the download folder and do an installation on the server box.

Chewy’s blog


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