Installing Windows Home Server

Its a long weekend this week and I thought I would finally get some time to install Windows Home Server on the home central storage server (Sun). Unfortunately, I hadn’t realised that the Cremax 3HDD enclosure had a problem with the 3rd channel and this caused the RAID-5 array to go CRITICAL! Gave me a scare and being a little silly, I rushed down to SLS to get a replacement 250GB hdd.

Upon getting back, I found out that directly connecting the IDE cable from the Promise Fastrack SX4000 to the 3rd hdd solved the issue. Good thing hdd are cheap nowadays so shall reserve the new drive for the MCE box which seem to be developing some problems.

Anyway, burnt the Beta 2 dvd of WHS and popped it into SUN and guess what? SUN has 2 x PC133 256MB ram in the slots but ONLY DIMM2 works! The AZZA U601BS Mainboard with P3 CPU now has 256MB instead! Sigh, I guess I’ll need to look into getting a new motherboard for this setup to work.


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