Were you at MEDC @ Suntec?

Was a little late attending MEDC today but nevertheless managed to register myself at Suntec after running from Bt. Merah to Jln. Peminpin to meet customers. I’ve been developing Windows Mobile Applications for businesses for close to 3 years now and its been pretty interesting. Was rather excited to attend MEDC this year since Windows Mobile 6 is being released.

Unfortunately, work has kept me pretty busy this week so was unable to register for the Sumo-Robot competition that uses Roomba’s to duke it out on a mat! Saw the final where #5 (Popfly) won but think micromouses in my JC days was a bit more interesting to watch 😉

I think the more interesting session I managed to catch was the one where Wei Meng presented on Networking Programming with Windows Mobile. Have always toyed around with the idea of creating a mobile app coupled with GPS that would warn of the traffic cameras in operation in Singapore. Anyone interested in such an application?


One thought on “Were you at MEDC @ Suntec?

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