Get invited to beta sites with Invite Share

Guess with all the craze over private betas and web launches, it had to happen sooner or later.  The team behind InviteShare aims to help get those invites lying in your beta account on popular sites out to the community. I logged on to see some familiar sites like Joost (which I had sent approximately 60) and Dopplr (sent 3 so far). Some of the sites  like Pownce which I had recently only learnt about were also on. Unfortunately, Popfly and Google Mashup editor don’t have invites yet so they aren’t listed.

It would be interesting to see what are the plans for InviteShare. Since they are already aggregating invites in typical mashup style these days, offering an API that offers OpenID integration to truly open up the invite scene would be pretty interesting? Imagine just logging on to one place with a single identity to give you access to private betas that are running.

Link to Invite Share – Everyone is invited!


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