Finally joined BNI Singapore – Raffles Chapter

Raffles Chapter - BNI Singapore

It took me a longer route than usual, first a breakfast visit to Abundance in March 2005 where I got to know Glynis Koh (very friendly propety agent who found me my flat and whom I later introduced another deal) and Alex Siew (who helped me and another friend do our ROM and AD photography). Soon after, Asis-T Solutions joined/started BNI-Excellence through Aik Boon‘s participation and where I got to substitute and get to know more about “Word-of-mouth” Marketing from BNI members.

Since then, I’ve on-and-off participated but didn’t really get into the spirit of BNI since I’m usually on the project side of things. Moving forward with On9 Systems, I plan to be more active in the sales/marketing aspect of the business and have joined Raffles Chapter (got approval today from VP!). The aspect of getting up early (VERY hard for me but shall strive to change) and meeting at 7.30am each week without fail will probably make most people squirm at the commitment. You’ve gotta respect the folks at each chapter who commit to making their business their concern and work hard to make new friends and refer businesses each week.

I’m already looking forward to get to know more of the members with whom I’ve had the pleasure to know some of them before joining. Greets going out to Andrew, Ang, Ismadi, Daniel, Doris, Sally, Kuan Kuan, Ranny, Leonard, Ken, Steven, James, Thaufik, Kelly, Trecillia, Felix,  Melinda and Adrian who did one of the better presentations I’ve seen on Life Protection today.

If you’re a small business owner or interested in the world of “Word-mouth-marketing”, we’ll be meeting at Geek Terminal each Friday at 7.30am, so do let me know if you’re interested to join us for a lively chat and breakfast session. (As it so happens, I just found out that Goh at Geek Terminal is my ex-school mate!)


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