Take action for your Business today!

Attended my first meeting at BNI-Raffles as an official member today. Almost couldn’t wake up after working on the migration of SportsKaki’s site to our servers but in the end managed to get into Geek Terminal right on time. I’m usually not a morning person but somehow meeting up at BNI always give me a buzz that lasts right throughout the business day.

We had a great session today with our mentor Leonard Song from Business Oasis International giving a great motivational speech on the key elements to a successful chapter. He concentrated on 3 main points, 1) OWNERSHIP, 2) TEAMWORK and lastly 3) TAKING ACTION!


Leonard reminded us that being business owners, we are truly the only people who can take control of how we want to grow our own company. This also applies to how we want to grow the chapter. Having this mindset will help to cultivate the right approach by showing commitment to the team


An example that was brought up that stuck particularly with me was that geese fly in a V-formation to reduce drag and fly more efficiently. Similarly in a team, by working together, we will grow faster and better. We were also reminded that the guy (top bird) in front has a tough job and showing support is always a good thing.


The last point was that we should all take action to improve or examine how we do things now and make sure each member knew what the other was doing. The power of word-of-mouth marketing and referrals is that by engaging our members on what we do and similarly learning what the other party offers, we can start connecting opportunities in our daily work.

A good example was how immediately after the meeting, Kelly from Power Laser International dropped me a mail titled “How to find the right referral for Power Laser?“. I was immediately intrigued and read through the details. Some key points about Power Laser that immediately gets stuck in my mind for customers with office supplies needs.

– cost saving on cartridges without compromising on the print quality
– enjoy unlimited on-site printer maintenance and servicing
– enjoy free part replacement for printer
– enjoy free temporary printer loan to tie over the downtime

I look forward to putting the 3 points into action and getting to know each member of Raffles Chapter better. Ang from Bio Life Marketing gave a great quote to end the meeting.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. – Henry Ford


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