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Great article on Why Websites Suck

Been awhile since I visited WebSG’s blog and came across this.

We need to grow a pair and guide our paymasters to make business decisions, not technical or aesthetic ones they are ill-equipped to call.websg.org, WebSG – News and Views on the Singapore Web Scene, May 2010

You should read the whole article. Can’t wait for the next meetup!

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Back to basics in Mobile Development

I’ve been holding off starting iPhone development for some time. The recent iPad announcement coupled with the lack of progress in the Windows Mobile world has lead me to making a decision to try out a new platform (finally). With the purchase of the MacBook Pro, it’s time to dive right in and start from basics again. I first started in Palm development (horrors of C++), moved on to .Net (C#) and now with Objective-C, it seems “C” is the common thread linking my mobile development path.

Time to dust off the great “C – How to Program” and gettting started with the first book “iPhone SDK Development“!