Getting Beta Island launched for IconnectE

Client: IconnectE Pte Ltd
Business Type: Business Networking
Project: IconnectE Web Consultant
Website: www.iconnecte.com

On9 Systems was first approached in early August to help revamp IconnectE. By applying a methodology of systematic planning and requirements gathering process, we are proud to launch Beta Island for IconnectE.

Working with Jeshua Ting and the tireless IconnectE Team, we are proud to take part in this exciting online business network focused on helping businesses succeed in networking.


Web Hosting and Electronic Direct Mail Design for Avocent International Pte Ltd

Client: Avocent International Pte Ltd
Business Type: Network Centralized Management Solutions
Project: Web Hosting and Electronic Direct Mail Design
Website: www.avocent-asia.com

Avocent International was looking for a reliable host for their Asia Pacific marketing portal and appointed On9 Systems to maintain and serve their website avocent-asia.com. We were also engaged to assist in creating the Electronic Direct Mailers for use in their marketing campaigns.


Web Hosting and Website Design with Blog for GraphisOne7

Client: GraphisOne7
Business Type: Design & Creative Production
Project: Web Hosting and Website Design with Blog
Website: www.graphisone7.com

GraphisOne7 (G17) is a design and creative production company which combines photography in its work. It started from a humble freelance designer who has worked with several design houses, printing companies, corporate firm and professional photographer.