It‘s been 9 days since I got back to the corporate life. Why after so many years of avoiding it? Hard reality was that running the business while enjoyable for its freedom meant a rather tiring schedule. Keeping everything juggling in the air without good support meant that inevitably things came crashing down when I faltered.

So after taking a good LONG break from work and taking stock of what I could achieve, I interviewed for a job at ST701 doing something I love (actual development versus lots of sales calls/meetings). Most folks probably do it differently, joining a large corporation when they start their first jobs and some might leave to realise their dreams.

I started by freelancing, joining a small firm and eventually learning about management, interacting with large firms and developing solutions along the way. The opportunity throughout the years to gain experience in design patterns, architecture, infrastructure, communicating with customers and solutions has been invaluable. While I won’t get to apply this experience within the current job scope, I’m sure it’ll come in useful down the road. It’ll take some time to get used to life in a large corporate entity but at least it’ll be a fresh journey to learn from.