Are you using Google Analytics? It’s time for a new look!

In my previous post on search engine marketing, you might have noticed I had a little traffic graph that showed the traffic for Love Me Love My Dog. One of the reasons I had the graph in the first place was that I had used Google Analytics to monitor the site’s traffic for some time before we decided to embark on the SEM campaign.

By monitoring the traffic of a site, we can identify the extrance and exit points to the popular pages and also various other factors like duration of visit, popular articles, etc. This types of metrics can help a webmaster design a website that engages audiences and create visibility. (Which is why you should take note of the free service provided by Google).

The above diagram (take a good look) is from the older version of Google Analytics. The development team just announced on their blog that a new look would be unveiled to existing accounts soon.

Can’t wait for it to be propogated to my account so that I can help my customers monitor their websites even more effectively! 


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