Wondering when the next Page Rank update will be? Take a look at its history!

I was doing some updates to the website and wondered when the next Page Rank update would be and so started doing a quick search for this information. Came across the following site which lists down the trend of the Google Page Rank update. Pretty interesting results.

As of May 12th, there has not been a Toolbar PR export for 12 day(s). The longest time between toolbar PR exports recorded in the below Page Rank Export List was 122 days (Oct 19/2005 to Feb 18/2006).

Source: Page Rank Update or Export List History – PageRank – PR

 Also another useful tool would be a Page Rank predictor below:

Google PageRank Prediction
This predictor tool does what it says, it predicts your future Google PageRank.

Source: PageRank Prediction – Predict Page Rank Predictor


Are you using Google Analytics? It’s time for a new look!

In my previous post on search engine marketing, you might have noticed I had a little traffic graph that showed the traffic for Love Me Love My Dog. One of the reasons I had the graph in the first place was that I had used Google Analytics to monitor the site’s traffic for some time before we decided to embark on the SEM campaign.

By monitoring the traffic of a site, we can identify the extrance and exit points to the popular pages and also various other factors like duration of visit, popular articles, etc. This types of metrics can help a webmaster design a website that engages audiences and create visibility. (Which is why you should take note of the free service provided by Google).

The above diagram (take a good look) is from the older version of Google Analytics. The development team just announced on their blog that a new look would be unveiled to existing accounts soon.

Can’t wait for it to be propogated to my account so that I can help my customers monitor their websites even more effectively! 


Wondering about Search Engine Marketing Services?

If you’ve been wondering about increasing traffic to your website and thinking about using search engine marketing services, here’s an interesting graph from www.LoveMeLoveMyDog.com.sg. The new site, according to creator Herbert Lim “is not just about training dogs but we introduce singles and non-attached…”, was having some traffic but not good numbers and so he engaged my services to help promote it. We started with a campaign on 1st May 2007 and immediately saw results when the visits jumped 10 times! If you’ll like to know how you can achieve this, please feel free to contact me and get some new hits on your site today!