Pre-ordered iPhone 3GS.. first Apple I’m going to own!

20090707 - Singtel iPhone Order by you.

I remember seeing my first Apple Macintosh at cousins house at a very young age and being amazed about the green glowing text on the screen. That sparked me off on the journey that has me fascinated with technology. For some reason, I’ve yet to own a Apple product in my life! So its rather prescient when a Facebook quiz which asked “Are you a Mac or are you a PC” results in a Mac! When Singtel sent the invite to pre-register I didn’t give it much hesitation since it looks to be a great platform for development and a capable smart phone (At last).

Counting down to welcoming Apple to the bunch of Windows machines in the home. 2 days to go!

Will also be saying good-bye to M1 on Friday. Have been with them since my first Nokia phone in 1998.


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