Web Hosting and Website Design with Blog for 字 Concepts

Client: 字 Concepts
Business Type: Copyrighting, Editing, Proofreading and Translation Services
Project: Web Hosting and Website Design with Blog
Website: www.ziconcepts.com

字 Concepts believes that a good presentation is essential in business. No matter in the English or Chinese language, their aim is to help clients better their presentation, be it an advertisement, a brochure or websites.

On9 Systems helped provide the logo design and web blog setup for 字 Concepts to manage their online presence easily with WordPress.


Web Hosting and Website Design with Blog for Christian Family & Social Movement

Client: Christian Family & Social Movement
Business Type: Catholic Lay Apostolate organization
Project: Web Hosting and Website Design with Blog
Website: www.cfsm.org.sg

The Christian Family and Social Movement (Singapore), CFSM(S) is a Catholic Lay Apostolate organization. On9 Systems was approached to provide the organization with web hosting and a website that could present their ideas and photos from events. WordPress was chosen together with customizations of the Epsilon theme to provide a website within their budget.


ProjectPier.org, a fork from activeCollab

Since activeCollab has announced their pricing strategy with $399 for the corp edition, I’ve decided to look for alternatives. Happened to come across ProjectPier that is a fork from activeCollab 0.71 which we’re currently using. Atm, the 0.71 code fits nicely into what we require and so shall look forward to ProjectPier’s updates. Need to do some migration work for this.

Link to ProjectPier.org


activeCollab gets a facelift with 1.0 nearing release

Have been giving activeCollab 0.71 a good workout with the current projects and while there are some quirks as compared to using WebCollab, I would say its a great transition to make project management easier. Noticed that the activeCollab site got a long overdue upgrade and hope to see the 1.0 release soon!

Link to Done. What? Improved Tasks! | activeCollab


Posting to WordPress via Windows Live Writer cause “The server committed a protocol violation”

Had been having problems posting to windows hosted blogs with wordpress via Windows Live Writer. Finally found the solution after googling for it. Apparently, its a security measure made to prevent attacks againt malformed HTTP status lines and headers. Not sure of the exact cause since only upgraded to Plesk 8.2 on the windows server but anyway, the solution works.

Added to live writer’s config file “WindowsLiveWriter.exe.config”

<?xml version =”1.0″?>
      <httpWebRequest useUnsafeHeaderParsing=”true” />