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My last round of sending invites went quite well and now have received another 5 more invites to send. Drop me a comment if you’re interested. Cheers!

*Edit* 30/04/2007 1640
All 5 invites went out within 30 minutes of the post… so i guess will have to wait till next round for those who are reading this now.


nostalgia :: work :: thirteen23

Being a user of flickr, I’ve been following the apps that tie in to the service. Nostalgia is definitely interesting as it showcases the power of .Net WPF and a web api like Flickr.

Nostalgia allows you to search flickr remotely and create local sets from the photos you discover. It also supports local photo management and synchronizes to your flickr account, allowing you to update your online photos as well.

Source: nostalgia :: work :: thirteen23


Perceptive Pixel – Minority Report style interface

I develop Tablet PC applications in my course of work but after watching this video, you’ll be wondering what the future of interface design and interaction holds for us? Would be really interesting to see what the upcoming iPhone (which has similar concepts on a smaller scale) can do for Tablet computing.



Link to NewTeeVee » Five Technologies Changing Video

Link to Perceptive Pixel