Useful applications to make life easier in web design and development

Just put up this list to share with others in the team so thought I might as well post it here since it could be useful to folks starting out in web development. Do feel free to add on to the list if there’s something useful for us to use.

Mind Mapping
XMind (Thanks to @David_Shen for introducing this .. much nicer than Freemind! I use this for meeting notes, to-do lists and jotting down ideas)

Color Palette
Color Palette Generator

On Screen Rulers
JR Screen Ruler

Screen Capture

Hard Core Editing (i.e. know your markup)

Firefox Addons
Web Developer Toolbar
User Agent Switcher


IE Tools
IE 6 and 7 Internet Explorer Toolbar
IE 8 has built-in developer toolbar

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 (it really does its job well, have tried hard to replace it without much success)

Adobe Fireworks CS4 (started using Fireworks since Macromedia days and its my favorite program when a mock or design is needed)
Balsamiq (Just started using this recently to improve my pen n paper process and its working out nicely)

Great reading for design/dev ideas
Web Resources Depot
Smashing Magazine

Hope this helps you in your daily work. Happy coding!


Network Programmer for Société Générale

Client: Société Générale
Business Type: Banking & Finance
Project: CDRTool
Duration: July 2002 to Nov 2003

A major European bank, the Société Générale Group is recognised for its profitability and its capacity for innovation.

Whilst studying to acquire my degree, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Société Générale, a major European bank, to develop CDRTool, a PABX Monitoring System as well as office automation and network monitoring projects.

CDRTool was designed and implemented around J2EE architecture to provide a robust mechanism for call data record monitoring and fraud detection. By using J2EE design guidelines, the system is able to be fault-tolerant and provides real-time monitoring of calls in progress to the system administrator.

I also co-authored and presented a paper at KES™2004 (Knowledge-based Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems) on the topic of “A Robust Rule-based Event Management Architecture for Call-Data Records“.

  • Final Year Project Industrial collaboration with Societe Generale
  • Rule-based correlation and Filtering of Call Detail Records for Societe Generale
  • Industrial Attachment with Societe Generale.
  • CDRTool – Developed a PABX Call Monitor System that was successfully deployed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.
  • Lead programmer for SC443 Game Programming Demo
  • Lead programmer for SC207 Software Engineering Project
  • Participation in Gigahertz 2003 IT Competition
  • Sub Committee Member for Japanese Appreciation Club 1999/2000

Mobile Applications Programmer for EdLabs

Client: EdLabs Pte Ltd
Business Type: Software Development
Project: ATEC Survey Program
Duration: Feb 2001 to July 2001

Development of educational applications on a personal digital assistant (handheld device) in a team environment using the Palm OS SDK.

Supervise a team of junior programmers in the company.

Developed a client/server program utilising Palm OS SDK and Visual Basic 6 for Data Collection and Analysis. It was used by the SAF during their ATEC trials.