Network Programmer for Société Générale

Client: Société Générale
Business Type: Banking & Finance
Project: CDRTool
Duration: July 2002 to Nov 2003

A major European bank, the Société Générale Group is recognised for its profitability and its capacity for innovation.

Whilst studying to acquire my degree, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Société Générale, a major European bank, to develop CDRTool, a PABX Monitoring System as well as office automation and network monitoring projects.

CDRTool was designed and implemented around J2EE architecture to provide a robust mechanism for call data record monitoring and fraud detection. By using J2EE design guidelines, the system is able to be fault-tolerant and provides real-time monitoring of calls in progress to the system administrator.

I also co-authored and presented a paper at KES™2004 (Knowledge-based Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems) on the topic of “A Robust Rule-based Event Management Architecture for Call-Data Records“.

  • Final Year Project Industrial collaboration with Societe Generale
  • Rule-based correlation and Filtering of Call Detail Records for Societe Generale
  • Industrial Attachment with Societe Generale.
  • CDRTool – Developed a PABX Call Monitor System that was successfully deployed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.
  • Lead programmer for SC443 Game Programming Demo
  • Lead programmer for SC207 Software Engineering Project
  • Participation in Gigahertz 2003 IT Competition
  • Sub Committee Member for Japanese Appreciation Club 1999/2000

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